My contribution

This was my very first game I have worked on and I started out as general designer. Being interested in story I took upon the task of writing simple character backstories as well as the general story of the game. I learned a lot about general storytelling, what makes a character “like-able” and how to convey a story-line.

character backstories 1

General storyline


Monsters background

monsters background

In this project I helped develop the general gameplay. It was a real challenge to try and take the simple memory game concept and make it more complex.We soon discovered that adding more and more features to the initial concept was counterproductive, we had to go back to the core-gameplay. Playing memory and make that exciting.

Trap design


Old monster iterations

monster specifics



In this first project I was also responsible for the GDD. I learned a lot about what should and should not be in there. For designers it is one of the more important documents. It tells us all about the specifics of the game and keeps track of changes made to the game.

Game Design Document