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My contribution:

Level Design

Within this project I worked together with two other Level designers. We collaborated on different levels and concepted various versions of these.As a level design team we came up with the workflow that we named “chunks”. This meant we designed parts of levels that could function on their own and we could put together in any given point of the game. Each chunk would represent one puzzle/obstacle

Chunk example 1

Chunk 01

Example chunk 2

Chunk 04

Example chunk 3

Chunk 03

Manage Feature Team
Within this project I was Level Design feature lead. This meant I took charge of managing milestones, task dividing and final calls of design decisions. I also contributed by working together with other feature teams in order to make sure all our work was aligned properly. This was in the form of meetings, daily standups and weekly progress reports.

Feedback Sheet Feature Team

Milestone Card Favro

Post Mortum as Feature Lead

In this project I set up a bug database for the entire team. I monitored, approved, declined and closed bug applications. Through several (team) playtests bugs were gathered and submitted. This process made sure that we had a clear vision on the amount of work still ahead of us and what parts of the game needed extra attention.

Bug Sheet

bug sheet

Asset specific fixes

asset specifics

General notes quality

sample meeting points


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