The Watcher

My contribution:


Within this project I worked together with two other narrative designers. We collaborated on different chapters and concepted various versions of these. have done a lot of work related to dialogue. I contributed with different versions of (branching) dialogue for each story chapter. In each of these variations I took into account the point and the weight of the conversation. This meant that with each iteration I tested the changes with the use of Twine. Gathering feedback upon these simple play-tests helped with designing the next versions.

Twine branching dialogue sample


UML Dialogue Sample

Stuff before

UML Dialogue Sample

Stuff after

Narrative Structures:
Within this project I helped define the different story and dialogue structures. This involved looking at other games and their structures as well as thinking about the best way to convey the story. My contribution consisted out of several examples and concepts which I presented towards the team. By defining these structures we got clear insight in what was needed for the narrative and what we needed to deliver. Using the structure we could make a easy template which helped develop more iterations for the story.

Existing structure

Sample proposed structure

Sample structure 2

In this project I helped keeping track of all changes made towards the narrative via use of documents. This meant that I reviewed all iterations made towards any aspect of the story, structure or dialogue. I also designed a narrative template were narrative can fill in their idea’s/concept/intent for each chapter they got assigned. Having this document meant that all narrative designers were on the same page with their stories. Although the content may vary, the structure stayed the same.

Chapter template

document template

Filled in chapter template

narrative document

"Master" document

narrative document 2