Tale of Two

My contribution

I was team lead for half the development of this project, meaning I was in charge of production and general management. I also functioned as designer, helping out with the vision of the project as well as designing levels.
At this point I was combining production with being the vision holder of the project. It taught me a lot about both, mainly that in spite of my interest in production, I prefer having someone else dedicated to it – so that I can focus on the vision of the project and on creating levels.

During this development I helped out by designing the main area the game takes place. The city. The city had to be “realistic” enough, but also had to give the cartoonist style. I looked at several round cities around the world and tried building my level the same way. I also took part in concepting one of the mini-games, the mole game. This had to be aimed at a specific target audience as well have certain game mechanics.It was quite a challenge to develop something for a younger audience.

City concept 1

city concept

Cabbage brief document

cabbage document

Whitebox city

whitebox city

Level Design
As stated before I designed most of the city as well as the mole mini-game. The main challenge for this level was to keep in mind that the level was for fit for young children as well. Everything in the level had to make “sense”. The main thing I learned from this project is developing under heavy constraints and that it can be a good challenge to perform well under those constraints.

Document about onboarding the minigame

cabbage document 2

Story script for Cabbage minigame

onboarding 2

Final City Level

final city

I have also worked on a bit of story for this game. The challenge for this game was to make the story appealing to both children and adults. It had to speak to both of them.I created to story for both the characters and the cabbage mini-game.

Script for mini-game

onboarding 2

Character stories


Story ending