My contribution:

Important Notice
Due to NDA Restrictions, actual work evidence can’t be shown. If you are curious you can contact me about viewing the work.

Quality Assurance
During this internship, I was mainly responsible for the Quality Assurance process involving test cases for Operate Now. The old process involved a workflow that was open to interpretation to the testers. This meant that in testing the functionalities of features certain steps were skipped and caused bugs to appear in live versions. If the steps were followed correctly the bugs could’ve been prevented. My task was to introduce a new workflow that would include following a set of directions in order to properly test the functionality of all features. Tasks involving this task were creating a new Test Case Template, writing down the directions and updating the existing test cases to the correct format.

Players Journey
Another task was keeping a players diary for two types of player for one of the games: Operate Now. The purpose of this task was to get a better idea of player flow, economy balancing and level requirements. Data such as resources gained and spend, staff members collected, departments purchased and missions completed where collected. Based on the data gathered balancing issues or progress blocks could be resolved.

Market Analyses
A large part of my time was spent analyzing competitors. Different genres and top-selling games were chosen and elements such as target audience, motivators, and community breakdown were analyzed. I also had to note down the reasons why certain games were successful and what features were common in the genre.

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Miscellaneous tasks
Apart from the main task, I helped with other design tasks such as coming up with new concepts, level design, feature documents, playtesting, narrative design and product analyses.

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