My contribution:

In this project I wanted to first know all the ins and outs of the game before starting with design. I constructed a gym and documented general metrics for later use. With these details I could design the map with more accuracy.

Metrics example 1

Metrics 01

Metrics example 2

Metrics 03

Metrics example 3

Metrics 02

Level Design analyses:

Within this project I analyzed different Unreal Tournament maps. Finding out why or  why not certain levels where good and trying to use that knowledge to incorporate that in my own design.

4 highlighted levels

Design choices

Flow analyses highlight

Design choices 4

Theme and Spatial analyses

design choices 5

Narrative Structures:
Within this project I made different versions of the same map evolving it and making it more complex. I did this through simple playtesting and analyzing my own work.

Version 0

Version 1

Version 3

In this project I helped keeping track of all changes made towards the design via use of documents. This meant that I reviewed all iterations made towards any aspect of the level, structure or themed. This document helped me keep track of changes as well help me develop new versions.

Version 1 Design notes

Version 01

Version 2 Design notes

Version 02

Version 3 Design notes

Version 03