My contribution:

Level Design

Within this project I was responsible for mainly designing the 2 player arena, it had to be optimized for the intended gameplay and went through quite a few iterations in the two days we developed.I also helped develop the 4 player arena.

Iteration 1

First look

Second Iteration

4th iteration

Final Look

Screen 05

Team maintenance
During this project I took charge of coaching the project and establishing the concept together with the team. I was responsible for delivery of the final product, team page and communication between departments.

Word Associations with theme

Proposed Concepts

Physical scrum board

In this project I helped keeping track of all changes made towards the narrative via use of documents. This meant that I reviewed all iterations made towards any aspect of the story, structure or dialogue. I also designed a narrative template were narrative can fill in their idea’s/concept/intent for each chapter they got assigned. Having this document meant that all narrative designers were on the same page with their stories. Although the content may vary, the structure stayed the same.

Chapter template

document template

Filled in chapter template

narrative document

"Master" document

narrative document 2