Monday Man

My contribution

Working out initial concept
This was my first game-jam so I did not have much experience with concepting on the fly. The theme of this jam was “Rituals”. After a good 3-4 hours of brainstorming and concepting we had a decent basis to go with: A translator on his first day on a foreign planet.

Concept mockup 1

concept monday

Concept variables

Concept monday 2

Concept translation word

concept monday 3

Level Design
Being under a strong time pressure it was important to not go into much depth. I looked at different floor plans from regular office and use those as a reference. Due to the use of tile-sets I managed to get a few concepts going where one of them became a final version. I learned that tile-sets are a powerful tool as well that levels don’t have to be as complicated, depending on your mechanics.

Office plan reference


Final Office layout

office final

Office layout reference

office plan 2

In this jam I also documented a simple master document with all the variables, some mockups and available translation words. The document was intended as a aide for the entire team in case they needed some information on variable, art or design.

Team picture

team picture

Sample translation words

translation words

"Master" document

master document