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February 2015 – July 2015


Crashtastrophy is a very fast-paced game, where the player controls a bumper car in a hostile city. The moves at a constant pace, avoiding lethal obstacles, gathering collectibles and finishing levels.

The game was initially developed for PC, but as the controls lend itself well for mobile, we continued development for android.

Title: Crashtastrophy
Platforms: Android, PC
Engine: Unity
Genre: Action puzzle game
Time: February 2015 – July 2015
Team: BoInc (10 members)
Awards / recognition:
NHTV – Best game design Y1 block C&D
NHTV – Best game Y1 block C&D


– Achieved several hardcore levels through Level Design

– Responsible for Design Lead tasks such as Design tasks, Design decisions and cooperation with Art & Programming lead.

– Achieved a certain level of harcore gameplay through tweaking of game variables.

– Responsible for maintaining GDD throughout development