My contribution:

Design Lead
in this project I was a design lead for the first time. It meant I was responsible for task dividing, maintaining the gdd and overall design decisions.
It thought me a lot about project management as well as communication. Through this experience I noticed that this role was not entirely fit for me (yet). I first needed to have more experience before I could take up this role again.

Contributing towards initial concept
Our initial concept was a fairly vague idea of a fast-paced dungeon crawler.It really needed something more, I brainstormed together with the team ensuring it became a more interesting game. Using the suggestions from our lecturers – getting shot into the level and ensuring speed is a big factor in the game – we further thought out the concept, giving the player a constant speed and making it all about bouncing through the levels.

Early concept


Early concept with built-in smartphone controls


Final stage of the game


Kickstarter setup
in this project I helped setup the initial text and plans for a kick-starter page. I concepted the entire document and collaborated on the video as well.
I learned about how to sell your game to the masses and how to sell something solely through text.

Kickstarter text

kickstarter text

Kickstarter video

Free to play plan


Level Design
I designed a lot of simple ideas. First by drawing them on paper then making simple white-boxes using unity primitives. I then tested them myself or with friends. If they proved to be successful I populated the levels with art that was already available. The levels explored different ways to use the bouncing in combination with other mechanics, and creating them taught me a lot about really understanding the core mechanic of a game and building around that.

Part of level concept

level concept 1

Concept 2

level concept 2

Concept 3

concept 3