Crash V2

Title: Crashtastrophy
Platforms: Android, PC
Engine: Unity
Genre: Action puzzle game
Time: February 2015 – July 2015
Team: BoInc (10 members)
Awards / recognition:
NHTV – Best game design Y1 block C&D
NHTV – Best game Y1 block C&D

  • In this project I was Design lead. This meant I was responsible for all design decisions as well as task allocation within the design team. I made sure that we stayed as close as possible towards the vision we had on the concept.
  • Aside from design lead I was also Level designer and concept designer. i contributed mostly towards boss design as well as obstacle design and level dressing
  • I had the responsibility of maintaining and updating the GDD during this project
  • Menu design and flow was a task I did on the side